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Athanasius: Life of Anthony
Keywords: Athanasius,ante-nicene fathers,Anthony the Great,Egypt,Ascetic,monks,monasteries,convent,nun,devil,demons,fasting and prayer,temptations,desert fathers,Monasticism,Alexandria,persecution,Maximinus,martyrdom,evil spirit,miracles,healing,confessor,visions,satan,schism,Arius,heresy,heretics,apostacy,Philosophers,Constantine Augustus,Arians
Athanasius: Life of AnthonyPreface.The life and conversation of our holy Father, Anthony: written and sent to the monks in foreign parts by our Father among the Saints, A...
Cyril of Jerusalem: First Lecture on the Mysteries (Lecture XIX)
Keywords: cyril of jerusalem,post-nicene fathers,baptism,mysteries,sacraments,satan,devil
Cyril of Jerusalem: First Lecture on the Mysteries (Lecture XIX)First Lecture on the Mysteries. To the newly baptised.1With a Lesson from the First General Epistle of Pet...
Cyril of Jerusalem: On the Mysteries, II: Of Baptism (Lecture XX)
Keywords: cyril of jerusalem,catechetical lectures,post-nicene fathers,baptism,mysteries,sacraments,chrism
Cyril of Jerusalem: On the Mysteries, II: Of Baptism (Lecture XX)Romans 6:3-14Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptised into Jesus Christ, were baptised into His d...
Cyril Of Jerusalem: On the Mysteries, IV: On the Body and Blood of Christ (Lecture XXII)
Keywords: cyril of jerusalem,catechetical lectures,post-nicene fathers,mysteries,sacraments,eucharist
....V.In the Old Testament also there was shew-bread; but this, as it belonged to the Old Testament, has come to an end; but in the New Testament there is Bread of heaven, a...
Justin Martyr: First Apology
Keywords: justin martyr,ante-nicene fathers,apology,Emperor Titus,persecution,Chrestian,philosophy,Atheism,logos,idols,The Kingdom,Rational,hymns,pontius pilate,demons,sophistically,chastity,marriage,adultery,swearing,Civil Obedience,Cæsar,Caesar,resurrection,Immortality,hell,history of christ,Sonship,false gods,magicians,prostitute,sodomy,exposing children,pederasty,prophets,moses,Bethlehem,fulfilled prophecies,Trinity,crucifixtion,jerusalem,jerusalem desolation,jews,the cross,heretics,heathen,baptism,sacraments,eucharist,weekly worship,Sunday worship,Epistle of Adrian
...Justin Martyr: First ApologyChapter I – AddressTo the Emperor Titus Ælius Adrianus Antoninus Pius Augustus Cæsar, and to his son Verissimus the Philosopher, and to Lu...
The Epistle Of Barnabas
Keywords: barnabas,apostolic fathers,visions,satan,jewish fulfillment,sacrifices abolished,antichrist,fast,enoch,new covenant,prophecy,fasting,scapegoat,Red Heifer,type of Christ,circumcision,moses,baptism,the cross,sabbath,temple of God,the two ways,way of light,way of darkness
...ed in the Old Testament.Let us further inquire whether the Lord took any care to foreshadow the water [of baptism] and the cross. Concerning the water, indeed, it is writ...
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