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The Early Church fathers
Keywords: fathers,early church fathers,early church texts,apostolic fathers,ante-nicene fathers,post-nicene fathers
This page is still be updated with new texts added all the time. Please be patient! Subscribe via RSS to keep up with any new content.The Early Church fathersWhy read the...
Why Read The Early Church fathers?
Keywords: early church fathers
Why read the Church fathers?Maybe for some of you reading this, the question might better be phrased as: who are the Church fathers?No doubt you will be familiar with som...
Introductory notice from the Ante-Nicene fathers, Volume 1
Keywords: Cleveland Coxe,Ante-Nicene fathers
Introductory notice from the Ante-Nicene fathers, Volume 1[A.D. 100-200.] The apostolic fathers are here understood as filling up the second century of our era. Irenæus,...
Justin Martyr: First Apology
Keywords: justin martyr,ante-nicene fathers,apology,Emperor Titus,persecution,Chrestian,philosophy,Atheism,logos,idols,The Kingdom,Rational,hymns,pontius pilate,demons,sophistically,chastity,marriage,adultery,swearing,Civil Obedience,Cæsar,Caesar,resurrection,Immortality,hell,history of christ,Sonship,false gods,magicians,prostitute,sodomy,exposing children,pederasty,prophets,moses,Bethlehem,fulfilled prophecies,Trinity,crucifixtion,jerusalem,jerusalem desolation,jews,the cross,heretics,heathen,baptism,sacraments,eucharist,weekly worship,Sunday worship,Epistle of Adrian
Justin Martyr: First ApologyChapter I – AddressTo the Emperor Titus Ælius Adrianus Antoninus Pius Augustus Cæsar, and to his son Verissimus the Philosopher, and to Lu...
Athanasius: Life of Anthony
Keywords: Athanasius,ante-nicene fathers,Anthony the Great,Egypt,Ascetic,monks,monasteries,convent,nun,devil,demons,fasting and prayer,temptations,desert fathers,Monasticism,Alexandria,persecution,Maximinus,martyrdom,evil spirit,miracles,healing,confessor,visions,satan,schism,Arius,heresy,heretics,apostacy,Philosophers,Constantine Augustus,Arians
Athanasius: Life of AnthonyPreface.The life and conversation of our holy Father, Anthony: written and sent to the monks in foreign parts by our Father among the Saints, A...
Ambrose of Milan: On the Mysteries
Keywords: ambrose of milan,mysteries,post-nicene fathers,sacraments,lent,baptism,eucharist,manna,Melchisedech,body and blood of christ
Ambrose of Milan: On the MysteriesThe Book Concerning the Mysteries.1Chapter I.I.We have spoken daily upon subjects connected with morals, when the deeds of the Patriarch...
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