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Athanasius: Life of Anthony
Keywords: Athanasius,ante-nicene fathers,Anthony the Great,Egypt,Ascetic,monks,monasteries,convent,nun,devil,demons,fasting and prayer,temptations,desert fathers,Monasticism,Alexandria,persecution,Maximinus,martyrdom,evil spirit,miracles,healing,confessor,visions,satan,schism,Arius,heresy,heretics,apostacy,Philosophers,Constantine Augustus,Arians
...s head to bishops and presbyters, and if ever a deacon came to him for help he discoursed with him on what was profitable, but gave place to him in prayer, not being asha...
Clement of Rome: 1 Clement
Keywords: 1 clement,clement of rome,apostolic fathers,Corinthians,apostle paul,schism,sedition,Cain and Abel,martyrdom of peter,martyrdom of paul,martyrs,Noah,Enoch,saints,Sodom,Rahab,David,resurrection,Phoenix,Omnipotent,Omniscient,justified by faith,reward,bishops,deacons,moses,Benediction
...181 to be bishops and deacons of those who should afterwards believe. Nor was this any new thing, since indeed many ages before it was written concerning bishops and deac...
Leo the Great: Letter XXVIII (called the "Tome")
Keywords: leo the great,the tome,post-nicene fathers,Eutyches,nature of Christ,nativity,incarnation,the Word,communion,Flavian
...nt of the bishops' acts,3 we have at last found out what the scandal was which had arisen among you against the purity of the Faith: and what before seemed concealed has...
The Didache
Keywords: didache,apostolic fathers,two ways,charity,false teachers,idols,false prophets,baptism,fasting and prayer,Lord's Prayer,Thanksgiving,Eucharist,Communion,Liturgy,Apostles,Prophets,Teachers,Lord's Day,bishops,deacons,apocalypse,Abortion,pederasty,Golden rule
...ourselves bishops and deacons worthy of the Lord, men meek, and not lovers of money,39 and truthful and proven; for they also render to you the service of prophets and te...
Ignatius of Antioch: Letter to the Ephesians
Keywords: apostolic fathers,ephesians,predestination,unity,bishops,false teachers,Judaizers,Apostle Paul,the cross,virgin mary,Theophorus
...; as also bishops, settled everywhere to the utmost bounds [of the earth], are so by the will of Jesus Christ.Chapter IV – The same continuedWherefore it is fitting tha...
Ignatius of Antioch: Letter to the Philadelphians
Keywords: ignatius,apostolic fathers,bishops,unity,Schismatics,Eucharist,judaism,Old Testament,New Testament,Persecution
...ome cases bishops, and in others presbyters and deacons.Chapter XI – Thanks and salutationNow, as to Philo the deacon, of Cilicia, a man of reputation, who still minist...
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