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Ignatius of Antioch: Letter to the Smyrnaeans
Keywords: ignatius,apostolic fathers,unity,the passion,resurrection,heretics,docetæ,bishops,eucharist,Antioch
...of these hereticsI give you these instructions, beloved, assured that ye also hold the same opinions [as I do]. But I guard you beforehand from those beasts in the shape...
Ignatius of Antioch: Letter to the Trallians
Keywords: ignatius,apostolic fathers,theophorus,unity,bishops,deacons,heretics,pontius pilate,history of Christ,the passion,docetæ
...poison of hereticsI therefore, yet not I, but the love of Jesus Christ, entreat you that ye use Christian nourishment only, and abstain from herbage of a different kind;...
Justin Martyr: First Apology
Keywords: justin martyr,ante-nicene fathers,apology,Emperor Titus,persecution,Chrestian,philosophy,Atheism,logos,idols,The Kingdom,Rational,hymns,pontius pilate,demons,sophistically,chastity,marriage,adultery,swearing,Civil Obedience,Cæsar,Caesar,resurrection,Immortality,hell,history of christ,Sonship,false gods,magicians,prostitute,sodomy,exposing children,pederasty,prophets,moses,Bethlehem,fulfilled prophecies,Trinity,crucifixtion,jerusalem,jerusalem desolation,jews,the cross,heretics,heathen,baptism,sacraments,eucharist,weekly worship,Sunday worship,Epistle of Adrian
...raise up hereticsAnd, as we said before, the devils put forward Marcion of Pontus, who is even now teaching men to deny that God is the maker of all things in heaven and...
Athanasius: Life of Anthony
Keywords: Athanasius,ante-nicene fathers,Anthony the Great,Egypt,Ascetic,monks,monasteries,convent,nun,devil,demons,fasting and prayer,temptations,desert fathers,Monasticism,Alexandria,persecution,Maximinus,martyrdom,evil spirit,miracles,healing,confessor,visions,satan,schism,Arius,heresy,heretics,apostacy,Philosophers,Constantine Augustus,Arians
...any other heretics; or, if he had, only as far as advice that they should change to piety. For he thought and asserted that intercourse with these was harmful and destruc...
Cyprian: On the Unity of the Church
Keywords: cyprian,cyprian of carthage,ante-nicene fathers,novatian,antichrist,antipope,law of Christ,adversary,unity,apostle paul,prophecy,devil,demons,sacraments,gospel,holy spirit
...atics and heretics, and finally exhorts them by the Scriptures to peace and unanimity.2Matt. 5:133The creeping, stealing thing.4Or, “living.”5cf. Matt. 19:176cf. John...
Know Your Heresies
Keywords: heretics,heretical,unorthodox,Adoptionism,Albigenses,Apollinarianism,Arianism,Docetism,Docetæ,Donatism,Gnosticism,Modalism,Monarchism,Monarchianism,Monophysitism,Nestorianism,Patripassianism,Pelagianism,Socinianism,Subordinationism,Tritheism
...Know Your HeresiesThis page contains an overview of the major heresies that have come about over the centuries, which many of the early Fathers wrote lengthy apologetics...
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