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The Early Church Fathers
Keywords: fathers,early church fathers,early church texts,apostolic fathers,ante-nicene fathers,post-nicene fathers
This page is still be updated with new texts added all the time. Please be patient! Subscribe via RSS to keep up with any new content.The Early Church FathersWhy read the...
The Martyrdom of ignatius
Keywords: ignatius,martyrdom,ante-nicene fathers,Trajan
The Martyrdom of ignatiusIntroductory Note to the Martyrdom of ignatiusThe following is the Introductory Notice of the translators:–The following account of the martyrd...
Introductory Note To The Epistles Of ignatius
Keywords: ignatius,apostolic fathers,introduction
Introductory Note to the Epistles of ignatius[a.d. 30-107.] The seductive myth which represents this Father as the little child whom the Lord placed in the midst of his a...
Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians
Keywords: polycarp,philippians,deacons,virgins,presbyters,Docetæ,antichrist,Valens,ignatius
Epistle of Polycarp to the PhilippiansPolycarp, and the presbyters1 with him, to the Church of God sojourning at Philippi: Mercy to you, and peace from God Almighty, and...
Introductory Note To The Spurious Epistles Of ignatius
Keywords: ignatius,apostolic fathers,Spurious,Spurious writings,introduction
Introductory Note to the Spurious Epistles of ignatiusTo the following introductory note of the translators nothing need be prefixed, except a grateful acknowledgment of...
The Third Epistle Of The Same St. ignatius (Syriac) – To the Romans
Keywords: ignatius,apostolic fathers,romans,syriac
The Third Epistle of the Same St. ignatius1 (Syriac)ignatius, who is [also called] Theophorus, to the Church which has received grace through the greatness of the Father...
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