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The Early Church Fathers
fathers,early church fathers,early church texts,apostolic fathers,ante-nicene fathers,post-nicene fathers
This page is still be updated with new texts added all the time. Please be patient! Subscribe via RSS to keep up with any new content.The Early Church FathersWhy read the...
Cyprian: On the Unity of the Church Intro
Cyprian,ante-nicene fathers,Novatian,introduction,antipope,schismatics
Cyprian: On the Unity of the Church introductionWho: Third century bishop of Carthage (in modern Tunisia), and martyr from AfricaWhat: A letter to encourage the unity of ...
Athanasius: Life of Anthony Intro
Athanasius,ante-nicene fathers,introduction
Athanasius: Life of Anthony introductionWho: Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria; Confessor1 and Doctor of the Church;2 born c. 296; died 2 May, 373 AD. He was the main defe...
Introductory Note To The Epistles Of Ignatius
ignatius,apostolic fathers,introduction
...egins his introduction to the last-named work with the following sentences: "Exactly three centuries and a half intervened between the time when three Epistles in Latin, ...
Cyril of Jerusalem: First Lecture on the Mysteries (XIX) Intro
Cyril of Jerusalem,Catechetical Lectures,post-nicene fathers,introduction,baptism
...Cyril of Jerusalem: First Lecture on the Mysteries (XIX) introductionWho: Bishop of Jerusalem and Doctor of the Church,1 born about 315 AD; died 386 AD. Little is known o...
Ambrose of Milan: On the Mysteries Intro
post-nicene fathers,ambrose of milan,introduction,mysteries,Lent
...Ambrose of Milan: On the Mysteries introductionWho: Bishop of Milan from 374 to 397; born around 340, at Trier, Arles, or Lyons; died 4 April, 397. He was one of the most...
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