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Clement of Rome: 1 Clement
Keywords: 1 clement,clement of rome,apostolic fathers,Corinthians,apostle paul,schism,sedition,Cain and Abel,martyrdom of peter,martyrdom of paul,martyrs,Noah,Enoch,saints,Sodom,Rahab,David,resurrection,Phoenix,Omnipotent,Omniscient,justified by faith,reward,bishops,deacons,moses,Benediction
...will be a resurrection.Let us consider, beloved, how the Lord continually proves to us that there shall be a future resurrection, of which He has rendered the Lord Jesus...
Ignatius of Antioch: Letter to the Smyrnaeans
Keywords: ignatius,apostolic fathers,unity,the passion,resurrection,heretics,docetæ,bishops,eucharist,Antioch
...rough His resurrection, to all His holy and faithful [followers], whether among Jews or Gentiles, in the one body of His Church.Chapter II – Christ's true passionNow, H...
Leo the Great: Sermon LXXII (On The Lord's resurrection, II)
Keywords: leo the great,post-nicene fathers,resurrection,the cross,easter,Easter Festival,nature of christ,incarnation,passover,pascha
...ry of His resurrection. But a sermon is still required of us, that the priests' exhortation may be added to the solemn reading of Holy Writ, as I am sure you are with pio...
Ignatius of Antioch: Letter to the Philadelphians
Keywords: ignatius,apostolic fathers,bishops,unity,Schismatics,Eucharist,judaism,Old Testament,New Testament,Persecution
...rough his resurrection; which I salute in the blood of Jesus Christ, who is our eternal and enduring joy, especially if [men] are in unity with the bishop, the presbyters...
Justin Martyr: First Apology
Keywords: justin martyr,ante-nicene fathers,apology,Emperor Titus,persecution,Chrestian,philosophy,Atheism,logos,idols,The Kingdom,Rational,hymns,pontius pilate,demons,sophistically,chastity,marriage,adultery,swearing,Civil Obedience,Cæsar,Caesar,resurrection,Immortality,hell,history of christ,Sonship,false gods,magicians,prostitute,sodomy,exposing children,pederasty,prophets,moses,Bethlehem,fulfilled prophecies,Trinity,crucifixtion,jerusalem,jerusalem desolation,jews,the cross,heretics,heathen,baptism,sacraments,eucharist,weekly worship,Sunday worship,Epistle of Adrian
...y and the resurrectionFor reflect upon the end of each of the preceding kings, how they died the death common to all, which, if it issued in insensibility, would be a god...
Ignatius of Antioch: Letter to the Ephesians
Keywords: apostolic fathers,ephesians,predestination,unity,bishops,false teachers,Judaizers,Apostle Paul,the cross,virgin mary,Theophorus
...nd in His resurrection. Especially [will I do this]51 if the Lord make known to me that ye come together man by man in common through grace, individually,52 in one faith,...
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