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This website is a new project that has been started with the aim to be a singular source of information related to all things Patristic. If you are unfamiliar with that word, it essentially means an area of study of the early Christian writers who are designated "Church Fathers" or "Early Church Fathers".

As this site grows and is updated, more and more resources and texts will be added to aid you in your studies of the historical ancient faith and Church History. If you think that something is missing, or inaccurate, please get in touch via the Contact Form with as much detail as possible. I want this site to be a good, solid source of information and accuracy.

At some point I intend to add an online shop where you can find some physical or digital resources to buy which will all help towards supporting this work. Or if you feel so inclined, you can also donate towards this as a one-off or regular sponsor via Patreon.

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