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The Early Church Fathers


Apostolic Fathers [70-150 AD]

Clement of Rome
The Didache [~50-70 AD]
Fragments of Papias [70-155 AD]
The Epistle of Barnabas [100 AD]
Ignatius of Antioch [107-108 AD]
Spurious Epistles Of Ignatius [~6th Century]
Polycarp [~110-140 AD]
Mathetes [~130 AD]

Ante-Nicene Fathers [pre-325 AD]

Remains and Fragments of the Second and Third Centuries
Justin Martyr
Cyprian of Carthage


Nicene & Post-Nicene Fathers [325 AD+]

Cyril of Jerusalem
 Ambrose of Milan
 Leo the Great



The end of the Patristic period has one of two dates, depending on who you ask. The early date is 451 AD (the date of the Council of Chalcedon) or the later date is that of the Second Council of Nicaea in 787 AD.


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